Degen Reviews

Degen Reviews

Social platform to build a reputation for web3 workers
ViktorDAO presents a social platform for web3 workers including moderators, WL hunters, alpha callers, founders or artists to build their reputation by receiving reviews from its past projects' experience.

Current Issue

As a web3 degen worker it is too hard to get recognized and find more work. Even though there are lots of hardworking degens who put their greatest effort to help projects as WL hunters, Alpha callers, mods or artists, they don't have time to build their Twitter account to have enough reach. However, Twitter together with Discord is currently the only place where projects are gathering and trying to find workers for their project. In a Twitter Poll ran in December 2022 by ViktorDAO, 86% of web3 workers voted that they had to reach out to projects by themselves on Twitter or Discord in order to find a new job.
Me (Viktor) as a project founder, I can confirm that I receive 50+ DMs every day from mods, WL / Collab managers or Alpha callers who would love to work for me. However, how can I quickly find out who from the applicants is worthy working with and who would rather harm our reputation?


Build your web3 reputation based on reviews from your past work experience. Find web3 job easier, get rewarded for being a good worker.
No more "spamming" in Twitter or Discord DMs. Let project founders go to Degen Reviews platform and check by themselves who deserves the spot in their team.
Do you think that any founder who is serious about his project will have an issue paying someone upfront if the past reviews say that a degen brought them lots of exposure, new holders or discord collabs?