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Mint info

d0GGies mint event is currently planned for early February 2023 on one of the best NFT Launchpads.
Planned scheme (can be subject to changes) 🐶 d0GGies Supply: 5,555 🌟 Price: 2 SOL
d0GGlist (Whitelist) a) 1x V-PASS = 1x WL mint b) 10x V-PASS = 1x free mint (20x V-PASS = 2 free mints) c) Fulfil social tasks to get whitelisted HERE​
1/1 Art d0GGies will include THREE 1/1 arts. ONE will be auctioned on Magic Eden (TBC) 24 hours prior to the Mint and the other TWO can be won in the raffle that will happen post mint. Mint 10 d0GGies or more to qualify for the raffle.