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Mint Funds Distribution

How will be the mint funds spent?
The target is to raise ~ 10,000 SOL during the d0GGies launch. This amount would be enough to launch fully functional platform, have enough marketing funds for next 12 months and it would allow us to hire full time managers to speed up expansion as fast as possible.

Mint funds breakdown

30% - Degen Reviews Social Platform creation 20% - Marketing funds for 12 months 20% - Collab managers, expansion hunters and other workers salaries for 12 months 20% - Rewards in SOL for registered users / review writers at Degen Reviews 10% - AMM funds (CoralCube / HadeSwap) to guarantee enough liquidity for holders In case d0GGies collection is not sold out and we raise less funds then the goal remains the same. However, the time to achieve the functional product would have to be prolonged. ViktorDAO is a profitable foundation that shares its profit with V-PASS Holders therefore the funds to build the Degen Reviews site would be earned either way.
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