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d0GGies Utility

d0GGies PFP collection will have several utilities helping ViktorDAO to grow but also to gain rewards (SOL) or advantages in Degen Reviews
The d0GGies utilities will be connected to Degen Reviews platform but also ViktorDAO foundation in general. Below is the list of the utilities: 1) PFP 2 EARN 2) Verified on Degen Reviews 3) Eligible to receive Rewards on the platform 4) Native Token Airdrop 5) Staking 6) Free future ViktorDAO Airdrops
PFP 2 EARN Have your d0GGie as a PFP on Twitter and earn rewards. The time your d0GGie spent as PFP will be tracked with the help of NFT Inspect tracker. Verified on Degen Review Holding a d0GGie NFT will grant its owner a "verified" status on the Degen Reviews website, better visibility and extended exposure to potential customers. Eligible to Rewards on the Platform d0GGies owners will be receiving SOL rewards (20% from the mint funds) for writing or getting reviews on the platform. Everyone can write or get reviews for their past experience. However, only d0GGies owners will get rewarded for such the activity.
Native Token Airdrop d0GGies holders will receive airdrop when the Native ViktorDAO token has been launched. No d0GGie = NO airdrop. Staking d0GGies will be stakeable. Get a d0GGie, stake it and earn rewards coming from the Degen Reviews ecosystem. Later on once the native token has been launched, d0GGies will generate the token as well. Free Airdrops More collections and assets are coming soon. Own a d0GGie and secure free airdrops no matter what ViktorDAO is about to do.
Last modified 10mo ago